Survivors From the Florida School Shooting Speak Out

February 14, 2018Feb 14, 2018

As classes were coming to an end on Wednesday afternoon, students at Stoneman Douglas High School began hearing the sound of rapid gunfire. Students took cover as the nightmare unfolded. Tragically, 17 students have been left dead and at least 14 others have been injured after gunman Nikolaus Cruz opened fire on his former schoolmates.

Since the attack took place, many of the surviving students have shared their first-hand accounts of what took place inside the school. Below are what some of the students have said.

"He was shooting through the glass in the door," Matthew Walker recalled. "It was really bad," he said. "There were bullet holes everywhere. Everyone was freaking out. I did not see the shooter, but he did shoot through my class. He couldn't get inside because the door was locked."

"He was just going from class to class, just shooting at random kids," Walker went on to say. "When the police were escorting me out of the building, there was a dead guy ... on the floor next to me. I'm blessed to be alive."

Another student recalled how students in the locked classrooms began to cry and console one another as they waited to exit the building. Shortly after the gunfire ended police were directing students out of the classrooms in a single file line with their hands in the air.

"Then I heard more and more shots, and I heard banging next door. My first instinct was to text my mom and dad and tell them that I loved them in case I was killed. Then I called 911. I just said there's an active shooter at Stoneman Douglas and hung up because I heard footsteps coming back toward our classroom," Matthew Katz, 15, said.

"We moved in a single line, then lying around the wall from my room there were two dead bodies on the ground," he said. "There was a boy and a girl. They were both extremely pale and bleeding," Katz continued.

Another student, Alexandra Robinson, recalled how she and her classmates ran "for their lives" after hearing the gunshots. She said at one point when they stopped running they were instructed to keep running for safety.

Our hearts and our prayers go out to all the families affected by this horrible tragedy. Please share your thoughts and prayers as well. In related news, while the Democrats blame the GOP for the shooting, conservatives have offered another solution.

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