Surveillance video shows good Samaritans rescuing a woman who passed out while driving 

Surveillance video captured a group Good Samaritans helping a driver who had suffered a medical episode and lost control at a Boynton Beach intersection.

Two lanes ahead, a coworker saw the woman slumped on her steering wheel as her car drifted diagonally past a stoplight. She raced across the street, waving her arms to alert other motorists.


A serviceman wearing camouflage was closely following, but cars speeding past him stopped his sprint.

“Our understanding is that they both left work, and they were in lanes next to each other,” said Boynton Beach police spokesperson Stephanie Slater. “And so, co-worker looked over and saw her co-worker slumped over the wheel.”

Jannette Rivera, a co-worker, attempts to steer the black sedan safely before other drivers get out of their cars and head toward the car.

The group joined hands and placed their weight on the car to stop it from hitting other cars.

Strangers helping stop Laurie Rabyor's car

The woman then took a small dumbbell from her vehicle and gave it to a man who smashed its rear window.

Another person reached inside the vehicle to unlock its passenger door and park it.

The group then drove to a nearby 7-11 to get help for the unconscious driver, until a fire department crew arrived.

CBS12 News later identified the woman as Laurie Rabyor. She claimed that she took blood pressure medication on May 5th and fasted prior to undergoing a medical procedure.

She felt dizzy while driving and tried to pull over at a gas station but she began convulsing.

Strangers coming to help Laurie Rabyor

Laurie didn’t wake up until the next day, but she has since recovered and returned to work.

“Thank you so much. I don’t know how to thank you. I wish I was a millionaire, so I could buy y’all a boat,” is what Laurie told CBS12 News she would say to her rescuers if she met them.

Boynton Beach Police Department shared the surveillance footage on its social media pages after the incident. They wanted to thank the Good Samaritans for their efforts and help them identify the culprits.

“We are sharing this video in hopes of learning the identities of all the strangers who came together to save this woman’s life,” wrote the police department. “They are heroes and we want to bring them back together at the police department to recognize them and meet the woman they rescued.”

They also provided an email address for the public information officer, so that people could send any leads.

Strangers pushing Laurie Rabyor's car toward a 7-11

“It really restores your faith in humanity,” said Slater. “We wanted to get this video out there and do something to honor these people.”

The community praised the act of kindness and the department received a flood of tips and calls within three hours of posting it.

The police updated to say that they had spoken with some of the motorists who were helpful and that they will be reuniting them at their headquarters with Laurie.

Later, the U.S. Army Staff Serget. identified the man in uniform who stopped by to help. Juan Chavez

“She wasn’t responsive initially,” he recalled. “Once we got the door open, she became more responsive.”

Laurie Rabyor and Jannette Rivera

Davita Peele, an American. Postal Service worker, said she had just gotten off work and dropped by Home Depot when she saw a woman running through the intersection while screaming, “help me, help me.”

That’s when she realized something was seriously wrong, so she got out of her car to direct traffic.

“I didn’t know what the situation was, but I saw that woman leaning over [the wheel]It was a simple click. It can happen at any time. We should help each other,” she said.

Kudos for the people who jumped in to help this woman!

Click on the video to see the dramatic outcome.

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