Surprise Development in the Debates!

December 16, 2015Dec 16, 2015

Last night's Republican Presidential debate was proceeding largely according to expectations -- until a surprise development in the last minutes changed everything!

In Tuesday night's Republican Presidential debate, things were going largely as expected.  Instead of Trump and Cruz arguing, it was Trump and Bush, and Cruz and Rubio.  But there were no giant surprises, and the CNN moderators were not guilty of the attacks of previous debates.

But then a moment came that changed everything.  According to Donald Trump afterwards, he just felt it was the right thing to say.  When the subject came up, he stated strongly and without wavering that he would not run as an independent.  This probably brought great joy and was a wonderful Christmas present to millions of Republicans, because it removed the threat of a third party candidacy which would in all probability have made Hillary the next President. 

In the past, Trump had signed a pledge that he would not run as an independent.  However, as recently as last week, he said that his pledge was conditioned on his being treated fairly by the Republican Party.  Last night he removed that condition and said he was a Republican and would not run as an independent.  

After the debates, he was asked by a commentator the same question -- to make sure everyone had heard it right -- and he stated strongly that he would not run as a third party candidate.  He said he was getting more familiar and comfortable with Republican leaders -- including his fellow candidates -- and he was committed to being a Republican.  And that changes everything.  The future for 2016 looks much brighter for the Republican party after tonight.