Supposedly On The Outs With Boyfriend Rex Linn, Fighting Over Living Arrangement

Are You Reba McEntireAnd Rex LinnAre you on the verge destructing your relationship? One report says they can’t get on the same page regarding where to live. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Tangle over Home On The Range!’

According to the Globe, McEntire’s love of Oklahoma is rivaled only by Linn’s adoration of Hollywood. They are constantly arguing about where to build their lives. An insider says, “They can’t agree on where to live after they’ve married and it’s building into a real drama.”

A restaurant is opening in Oklahoma with McEntire’s name on it, so she feels she must stay put. “Reba’s sinking an absolute fortune into the restaurant and wants to be there to ensure that it’s a success,” an insider says. The two can make a deal on a prenup, but deciding where to live is a difficult decision. The wedding could be in jeopardy if the fight escalates.

She owns multiple homes

It looks just like the GlobeJust found out about Reba’s PlaceSo it created a story about place drama. McEntire is opening up a restaurant in her native Oklahoma, but it shouldn’t threaten her love life an iota.

It’s easy to debunk this story simply by checking McEntire’s portfolio. McEntire has homes in Oklahoma, Tennessee and elsewhere. Beverly Hills. Location questions are not as serious when you have as much as Linn and McEntire do. Linn’s Instagram is chock full of McEntire photos and projects, so he’s probably being supportive as ever. His most recent post promoted his appearance on McEntire’s podcast Living & Learning.

Gossip CopLinn is not new to Oklahoma, and that’s something we want to emphasize. The CSI: MiamiStar was born in Texas, but moved to Oklahoma City at the age of 13. He even attended Oklahoma State University where he started his acting career. McEntire and McEntire may be more close because of the Sooner State.

More McEntire Morsels

The GlobeMcEntire is a subject that is often covered by the media, but it never seems to be on the right track. It claimed that McEntire was too busy to go out with Linn in September. Before that, she was in a strange love triangle with Linn as well as her ex-fiance. She’s been dating Linn for a long time now, so both of those stories were bogus.

She also never supported Brandon Blackstock during his split with Kelly Clarkson. McEntire has a unique connection to both and hasn’t publicly slandered anyone. These false stories show that this outlet is not trustworthy with accurate stories about McEntire.