Supermarket Knife Attack Leaves 1 Dead, 6 Injured

July 28, 2017Jul 28, 2017

A supermarket in the northern German city of Hamburg is at the center of recent fatal attack. A man armed with a kitchen knife fatally stabbed one male and has left six others injured. Thankfully, the suspect was overpowered and has been arrested. 

The suspect entered the market Friday afternoon when he then fatally stabbed one man. The victim, who died at the scene, is believed to be a 50-year-old German male. 

After the assailant fled the market, he then attacked five others. According to police, shortly after the attack, he was overpowered by passersby. The sixth person injured was hurt when he helped take down the attacker.

Details about the attacker are still emerging. At this time, he is identified as a 26-year-old who was born in the United Arab Emirates. According to ABC News, police are still trying to establish his nationality. 

The mayor of Hamburg, Olaf Scholz, said the suspect was seeking shelter in Germany and was unable to be deported due to lack of papers. "It makes me all the more angry that the perpetrator is apparently someone who sought protection here in Germany and then turned his hatred against us,” Scholz said.

While police are continuing to investigate this horrific situation, witnesses from a near by bakery have come forward to share their accounts of the incident. Two witnesses have been quoted saying they heard the assailant shout "Allahu akbar!" as the assailant raised the knife. However, that has not been confirmed by police. 

"Allahu akbar" is an Arabic phrase that has been used by Islamic extremists during violent acts in the past. The phrase means “God is great.”  

Please pray for the families of the victims during this heartbreaking time. This tragedy comes just weeks after another recent attack, which was on one of the World's holiest places. Please share your thoughts and prayers on our Facebook page, thank you!