Summer House’s Carl and Lindsay Are ‘Finally’ Moving in Together

It’s getting serious! Carl Radke Lindsay Hubbard‘s relationship is showing no signs of slowing down — and the Summer HouseThe couple just celebrated a new milestone in their relationship.

“We’re very serious, in love and very happy. We’re moving in together, finally. We’ve been trying to do that for little bit,” Radke, 37, exclusively told Us WeeklyDuring a joint interview on Monday, May 16, at the NBCUniversal Upfront

Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke
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The Loverboy businessman noted that they would be getting “a whole new place” instead of keeping one of their respective homes, adding, “We’re really excited to start our next chapter together. Living together is a big step, but we’ve basically been doing it for the last year, just switching into each other’s apartments here and there.”

35-year old publicist, for her part, spoke highly of what had helped them get here. “We had a good sort of baby steps to what hopefully will be a matrimonious living together situation, but hopefully you’ll be able to see it on season 7 of Summer House,” Hubbard teased on Monday.

Radke added: “We have a really solid, fun relationship and I’m excited for everybody else to kind of see what we’re like full time. I think people are excited about us. But I think her and I are confident with how we’re doing things.”

The Bravo series’ season 4 premiere featured the couple trying romance. Their connection took a turn when the Pittsburgh native admitted that he wasn’t ready for anything serious. Radke and Hubbard forged a strong friendship after their split. They also had to deal with personal ups and downs. The New York native supported Radke following his brother’s sudden death and his journey to sobriety.

The couple sparked romance rumors ahead of season 6. They confirmed it earlier this year. “I’m happy to report, we are dating and things are really good,” Radke told UseJanuary. “We’re very happy. She’s someone that’s been an incredible support and part of my life [for years]. … I mean, we make each other laugh like crazy. I’ve never felt more myself around someone than her. And for me, that’s powerful.”

During Monday’s interview, the couple explained that they follow their own timeline in their relationship.

“I don’t feel the pressure [about the future] necessarily. And I also don’t put pressure on him,” Hubbard told Us, with Radke adding, “And I appreciate the [lack of]You can’t put pressure on her. … We’re good. I believe I want to marry her. I’ll be honest. I do want to spend the rest of my life with her.”

Hubbard joked about how the costars usually get along well, but that there is still one aspect of their future they need to figure out. “[Carl] used to tell me all the time that he wanted five kids and I was like, ‘Every guy says that though, right?’” she shared. “Then you have one and you’re like, ‘OK, I’ll take another one and then you have another one, and then they’re like, ‘OK I’m good with that.’”

The Winter HouseAlumna revealed that she would be happy having two or three children.

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