Suicide Bomber Strikes, Kills 14 People in Major Explosion at Political Rally

November 16, 2017Nov 16, 2017

A tragic scene has unfolded after a suicide bomber set off a major blast at a political gathering on Thursday. 14 people are now listed as being killed by the blast and another 18 people were wounded in the incident.

The explosion took place in the Afghan capital of Kabul. The terrorist group, ISIS, has claimed responsibility for the attack. Authorities have also announced that security forces and civilians were killed in the explosion.

“Interior Ministry spokesman Najib Danish said the attacker struck at the entrance to the wedding hall where the event was being held,” according to one report.

According to reports, the member of the Afghan parliament who attended the meeting but was not harmed. It was also reported that approximately 700 supporters of the governor of the northern Balkh province were attending a conference to highlight his work.

“Both groups (Taliban and ISIS) want to impose a harsh version of Islamic law on Afghanistan, but they are fiercely divided over leadership, tactics, and ideology, and have clashed on a number of occasions,” according to Yahoo.

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