Stunning New Details Revealed After Famous Entertainer Found Dead in California Home

September 13, 2018Sep 13, 2018

Stunning new details have just been revealed after a famous musician died at his home in Southern California last week. Now, police are trying to piece together the events that lead to his death.

Mac Miller was found in his bedroom at around noon on September 7, 2018. He was last seen with friends the night before.

"TMZ broke the story ... friends came over the night before Mac died to hang out, and we're told they stayed until the early hours of Friday morning, Sept. 7. Mac's body was found Friday around noon," reported TMZ.

A small amount of white powder was also found in the home. At this time, his death is under investigation but initial reports seemed to suggest that Miller died of an apparent overdose.

The original call to police stated that Miller had a heart attack. Now, officials are saying the caller must not have realized that Mac was already deceased and had been dead for hours before being found.

"Law enforcement sources tell us that when cops and paramedics arrived at the rapper's home last Friday, it was clear he had died long before they got there," reported TMZ.

Please join us in praying for Mac's family during this sad time. May God be with them to comfort them and bring them peace.

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