Study Says Having THIS Many Kids Will Make You The Happiest

November 24, 2015Nov 24, 2015

How many kids will make you the happiest?

According to a statement by Bowdoin College philosophy professor Sara Conly, the answer is one, because having more than one kid will make everyone miserable as the earth self-destructs in overpopulation and environmental degradation. In fact, she believes that you have no moral right to have more than one child and will be perfectly happy with just one.

But if you don't think your second, or third, or fourth child will seal humanity's doom, just how many kids will make you the happiest?


The answer is easy: The exact number that you believe that God is leading you to have, if any. But it is interesting to see a scientific opinion on it from the secular world.

According to The Daily Signal, the answer is surprising in a society where parenting is not a role that young men and women seem as eager to take on as, perhaps, they would have been in their parents' generation.

But a five-year study out of an Australian university says that the happiest parents are the ones with four or more kids.

Contrary to her preconceived belief that fewer children meant more happiness, research leader Dr. Bronwyn Harman found that “[The parents of large families] usually say they always wanted a large family, it was planned that way, and it was a lifestyle they’d chosen.”

She found that the amount of effort parents put into their families directly correlated with their happiness. And not being too lenient or disorganized mattered, too.

“What is important for kids are things like consistency, boundaries and [to] know that they are loved, no matter what.”

The study found that larger families manage to maintain that happiness even with greater noise, activity, and expense. Plus, children of larger families learn to be independent more quickly and are rarely lonely.