Study REVEALS The Truth About Those Who Wait Until Marriage With These Shocking Results

June 07, 2016Jun 07, 2016

Time and time again the bible and biblical principles have been found to be accurate under scrutiny. According to the Blaze, a new study confirms what people of faith already know.

A new study conducted by the Institute for Family Studies found that people who wait until marriage to have intimate relations are the least likely group of people to see their marriage end in divorce.

“The odds of divorce are lowest with zero or one premarital partners,” University of Utah professor Nicholas Wolfinger said.

Also found in the study is that people who have had 10 or more partners before marriage are the most likely group of people to have their marriages end in divorce. “Research found that having multiple sex partners prior to marriage could lead to less happy marriages, and often increased the odds of divorce,” Wolfinger said.

The most shocking revelation from the study could potentially reveal why the family structure in America has so little value these days and is constantly under attack. “In the 1980’s, slightly over half of women had a maximum of one sex partner before walking down the aisle,” Wolfinger wrote. “Things looked very different at the start of the new millennium. By the 2010’s only 5 percent of new brides were virgins.

Do these numbers shock you?