Students Told They Can't Hang American Flags Off Dorm Room Balcony

October 02, 2015Oct 02, 2015

An American flag and three U.S. military flags hung off a balcony are a fire hazard and violate company policy. Or so says San Diego State University.


According to ABC 10 News, two students, a Coast Guard member and an aspiring U.S. Army officer, are in danger of expulsion if they don't comply with the university's demands to remove the four flags from their dorm room balcony.

Cameron Box and Connor Fenwick said they hung the flags to express their patriotism but say that the university is restricting their First Amendment freedom of speech by insisting that the flags are violating the rules of their student housing agreement because they're not on the list of approved balcony decor.

The American Civil Liberties Union, which identifies itself as a group of freedom fighters, has weighed in.

San Diego ACLU director David Loy said, "I think the university is within its rights to prohibit hanging anything from a balcony."

He added that the public university's dorms are technically government housing and thus not considered a public form for expressing opinions.

Loy said, "I certainly defend the students' right to express themselves and their patriotism, but they probably need to find another way to do it."

Do you stand with these young patriots? Do you feel like they are being unfairly targeted because of their pro-military beliefs? Or do the university and ACLU have a good point?