Students Suspended After Rallying In Support Of Confederate Flag

September 18, 2015Sep 18, 2015

21 students at Christiansburg High School in Virginia didn't appreciate their school's new ban on Confederate symbols on clothing and vehicles.

According to the Associated Press, they donned clothing bearing the Confederate flag and waved both U.S. and Confederate flags during a protest rally yesterday on school grounds.


The school faculty didn't appreciate the gesture and punished all 21 students, some with in-school suspensions and some with suspensions from the campus.

Montgomery County Public Schools spokeswoman Brenda Drake defended the decision with a statement: "We are not issuing a judgment on the flag, but know that not allowing it at CHS supports a peaceful educational environment in the building. Continued racial friction suggests that lifting the ban of this particular symbol would cause significant disruption at the school."

Senior Morgan Willis, who attended the rally, said "I understand some people take it as hate, but none of us out there were racist or anything. I don't see it as hate. If I did, I wouldn't own it. I see it as this is your Southern heritage, and if you can't have that, then what can you have?"

Some of the parents have gotten involved as well. An online petition has drawn more than 1,200 signatures in support of reversing the school's policy. An attorney has even gotten involved, threatening the possibility of a lawsuit against in the school on behalf of students who feel the Constitution protects their right to wear Confederate flags on their clothing.

Do you think these students were right in defying the school's policy?