Students Stand Up To School's Order Not To Pray

December 23, 2015Dec 23, 2015

Remember Daniel in the lion's den? He was caught praying to his God and the authorities didn't like that. But he kept on praying.

These brave students are a lot like Daniel, and sadly, America is becoming a lot like Babylon.  At a Wyoming high school earlier this school year, a group of students prayed in the cafeteria over lunch. They were not loud, but prayed only so the small group could hear.

But later that day, Principal Stanetta Twiford told one of the students they couldn't pray anymore because it was forcing their religion onto others, the Christian Post reports.

Fortunately, a couple of the students' dad was a pastor, and he talked to the principal about it. Pastor Marty Raork said the students had the right to pray in the cafeteria. But the principal denied it and said they would still be banned from praying.

So Roark went to the Alliance Defending Freedom, a strong legal group defending Christians' freedoms. They wrote the school a letter stating, ""We write to inform you that this cafeteria prayer ban violates the First Amendment. The First Amendment requires schools to allow student speech so long as the speech is not materially and substantially disruptive. Students in the cafeteria are not captive audiences because they can leave at any time or turn away from the quiet prayer in the corner."

In response to ADF's letter, the school superintendent responded, "Our attorney advised me that, yes, the students did not violate the Equal Access Act and I alerted Principal Twiford of this decision and to let the students know that they can pray before meals in the manner they had in the incident in question," Fischer wrote. "The students have since prayed at least once in this manner and will continue to be allowed to do so as long as it falls inside the guidelines of the Equal Access Act."

Thank God for ADF and the brave pastor/father and the courageous students! May God bless them! What do you think of their courage? And of the onslaught against Christian faith in America? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments!