Students REJECT School’s New Bathroom Policy, Stage Protest

May 18, 2016May 18, 2016

A battle is brewing at Green Mountain Union High School in Vermont. It started when a female student, AJ, who chooses to identify as a male, used the men’s bathroom. According to the Blaze, a male student brought the incident to the attention of school officials.

The principal called up the girl’s parents and told them that he is going to ask that AJ use a separate gender-neutral bathroom.  The parents, who continue to allow AJ to think she is a male, were not supportive of the principal’s solution. They staged a protest in response and 30 students walked out in support of AJ’s bathroom choice.  The school quickly caved in and now allows men and women to freely access whichever bathroom they desire.

Principal Tom Ferenc glowingly compared AJ’s and the school’s anti-gender push to the civil rights movement. “It reminded me of Rosa Parks, honestly,” Ferenc said.

Opening up the bathrooms does not sit well with several students. In response to the school’s anti-gender push, a group of students ordered and donned “Straight Pride” t-shirts in direct response to the school caving in to the pressure of a loud but small minority who seek to blur the lines of reality and does so proudly.  The students thought is that if LGBT people can flaunt their pride and beliefs and be applauded for it, they should be able to openly stand up for their beliefs as well.

The students protesting the school's anti-gender decree were quick to defend AJ’s choice to identify as whatever she chose but still believe that biology and reality should dictate which bathroom you use. 

The school has six single use gender-neutral bathrooms that AJ could have used, but she refused. For her it had nothing to do with using the bathroom. It was about making a statement and forcing people to accept her personal lifestyle choice, despite it making a lot of people uncomfortable and making the bathrooms less safe for everyone.