Students Protesting University Want Good Grades For NOT DOING Classwork

February 22, 2016Feb 22, 2016

The purpose of college is to learn, correct?

That assertion is under attack as students at Brown University in Rhode Island complain that their required schoolwork is getting in the way of their activism.


According to the student newspaper of record, The Brown Daily Herald, students who have spent a significant amount of time protesting problems of "diversity and inclusion" on campus believe they should get a pass on doing class assignments because of the stress they're experiencing when trying to do activism and schoolwork at the same time.

One student pointed out, “There are people breaking down, dropping out of classes and failing classes because of the activism work they are taking on. My grades dropped dramatically. My health completely changed. I lost weight. I’m on antidepressants and anti-anxiety pills right now."

He did acknowledge, though, that university deans gave him multiple notes for his teachers allowing him more time to complete assignments. Assistant dean Ashley Ferranti estimates 90 percent of those notes are accepted, but students don't think that's enough.

18-year-old Liliana Sampedro complained, “I remember emailing the professor and begging her to put things off another week. I hadn’t eaten. I hadn’t slept. I was exhausted, physically and emotionally.”

She said that even after hours of working on her list of demands to the university, her teacher said she had to do her assigned presentation for class anyway, forcing her to stay up late to get it done.

Sampedro also feels that penalizing activist students for not completing their assignments unfairly targets minority students because they're more likely to feel obligated to rally for "diversity and inclusion" causes.