Students Promote Open Borders, But Here’s Their Solutions for Keeping Bad People Out

February 13, 2018Feb 13, 2018

Campus Reform recently conducted “man-on-the-street” interviews with students at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, asking them if they supported the idea of opening our borders to anyone who wants to come in instead of building President Trump’s border wall.

Students were quick to denounce the wall as a “bad idea” and “ridiculous” and fully throw their support behind open borders for the U.S. One female student called the idea of a border wall “ignorant and really childish,” while others felt it would be ineffective in stopping the flow of people coming from the south.

One male student went as far as to say that, “I’m no more entitled to live in this country than anyone else. I just happened to be born here, so it makes no sense that I should get all the advantages of living in the United States and someone else should not.”

But then Campus Reform switched things around and asked them how the U.S. could still define its borders when they’re open and how it could keep out people that want to do harm to Americans.

“How would you decide, then, where a country ends and where it starts if there’s not a border?” one young man was asked.

Pausing to think for a while, he finally replied, “Uh, I don’t know. Just, like, put a little white line around the...just kind of make a shape and say, ‘Eh, that’s where it ends.’”

“Are you concerned that if there are open borders, anyone could come in and be a national security problem?” he was asked next.

He replied, “I mean...I don’t really...I don’t think so. No...they come in and they’re a problem...someone will take care of that.”

“Do you have any concern that we wouldn’t have any idea who is coming into the country if we just have open borders?” a young woman was asked.

She was quick to answer, explaining, “No, I’m sure we could find some mechanism to find a way around that.”

“Are you concerned that if we have an open border policy that there would be no way of knowing who is actually coming in and out of the country?” the male student who didn’t feel entitled to live in the U.S. was asked.

Pausing, too, he replied, “Ya, I think that’s a valid statement. Um, I mean….”

Campus Reform reported that some students actually supported Trump’s border wall but were too afraid to go on camera and admit it. Watch the full video below:

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