Students Have Unusual Request of Christian Football Star, Amazed When He Actually Follows Through

June 01, 2017Jun 01, 2017

Derek Carr, quarterback for the Oakland Raiders, has a consistent reputation of giving back to the community and doing kind deeds for others without expecting anything in return. Earlier this year, he pulled over to pray with a man who ran out of gas and gave him a ride to a nearby gas station.

The football star is also very well-known for his Christian faith. Carr constantly fills his social media accounts with encouraging bible verses and inspirational messages from evangelists. He has also led his team, the Raiders, in public prayer and even stated he would like to become a pastor when he retires from his football career.

Carr’s latest kind deed follows students from Redwood High School in Visalia, California having an unusual request of the Christian football star. The students asked Carr to retweet their post, so they could all get an ‘A’ on the final. The post tweeted to Derek Carr states, “PLEASE HELP OUR CLASS GET AN A+ ON THE FINAL!! WE’RE SENIORS FROM REDWOOD IN VISALIA, CA. ALL WE NEED IS ONE RETWEET FROM YOU!!”

Carr actually retweeted the post. He said, “Hope it’s not too late!” Many fans were amazed that he actually followed through. People wrote, ‘Greatest quarterback ever’ and ‘You the man!’

The student who posted the original request expressed his gratitude on behalf of all students in the class. He responded, “Right on time! Thank you so much !! #RaiderNation” He also later posted a ‘thank you’ video with the reaction of all of the students after finding out they no longer had to take the final. You can hear students chanting ‘DC4’ for player ‘Derek Carr’ and his jersey number ‘4’. Watch the video here.

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