Students Get Violent While Protesting Violence During Nationwide School Walkout

March 14, 2018Mar 14, 2018

High school students across the nation protested against gun violence and in favor of increased gun control on the one-month anniversary of the deadly massacre in Parkland, Florida. And then some of them got violent.

Students at Mt. Diablo High School in Concord, California — northeast of Berkeley — decided to walk off campus Wednesday despite the student government’s decision to not participate, according to The Mercury News. But as they tried to leave through the front gate of the secured campus, they found it locked tight.

Unwilling to return to class, a large group of students went to the back gate to see if it was unlocked. Finding it chained shut, too, they decided that the best way to pour out onto the streets in protest of violence was to exact their will upon the gate and push against it so hard at that the metal bars surrounding the lock were bent far apart.

Squealing in protest itself, the gate opened wide enough to let the students flood out. Students grinned gleefully as they walked out into the streets holding signs expressing their fears that they would be killed in a school shooting if President Trump didn’t do enough to take people’s guns away.

“We thought gun control is a big issue in this country. We don’t want our school to be the next one,” one female student expressed as she left the safety of her campus in a city that has a considerably higher crime rate than the national average, according to Neighborhood Scout.

But the cheerful expressions on the faces of the young protesters were short-lived, though, as school officials put an immediate end to their historic revolution by informing them that their parents would be called if they didn’t return to campus. Students hurried back.

Interestingly enough, many high school students showed up to protest in the northeastern U.S., according to Time, despite the fact that severe winter weather prompted school administrators to declare a “snow day” and close schools. Unperturbed by the weather that was supposed to make it too dangerous for them to show up to class, students in Boston marched to the statehouse — where some of the nation’s strictest gun laws have been passed — since they couldn’t get into their schools in order to walk out of them.

Sitting in their classrooms out of sight from the rampant mainstream media coverage of the national school walkout day, millions of students did not participate in the protests. And in Idaho, a state that has more guns per capita than almost every other state, about 50 students at Nampa High School formed a counter-protest Wednesday and advocated for arming teachers, according to the Idaho Press-Tribune.

Student Ethan Schmerer explained, “We care about this issue because we want to defend our rights and let our voice be heard. We don’t want the more naturally conservative side to go unheard, especially from this younger generation.”

What do you think about all this? In other news, your prayers are needed after a bus crash killed 38 people.

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