Students At School Where SRO Officer Dragged Girl Out Of Class Do Something UNEXPECTED

November 04, 2015Nov 04, 2015

A video caught the eyes of the nation recently when it showed a white school resource officer dragging a black Spring Valley High School student out of a classroom. The incident and resulting backlash with its cries of racial injustice and police brutality led to the firing of the sheriff's deputy in the incident, Ben Fields. But a new video surfaced showing the student hitting the officer before he drags her out of her desk and across the floor, bringing light to another side of the story.

And now the unexpected has happened, and teenagers have shown a willingness some adults don't show to look beyond skin color.

According to Education Action Group, around 100 students, many of them black, gathered orderly in a common area at the school for 10 minutes saying "Bring back Fields" and wearing T-shirts displaying "#Bring Back Fields."


School officials acknowledged the students' desire to have their opinion about the fired officer — who was also a football coach — heard before sending them back to class.

Student DeJuana told local newspaper The State that "[Fields] didn’t have to take it that far, but [the student] should have listened at the same time.”

He said Fields is a nice guy and hopes he can find another job soon.

Student London Harrell, who witnessed the classroom incident, expressed similar sentiments in saying, “[Fields] was a great guy. He protected us and everything. He was our school resource officer. We always could depend on him and everything. Every time I saw him, he was always joking around with people. It was never like ‘Oh, I’m about to body slam you.’ In the video it was very shocking to see how that was happening, but I honestly think that it was a two way thing and the officer was wrong, but also the girl was wrong. I was in the front of the room sitting right there when it happened, so that’s what I saw. I’m shocked that something like this happened with students disrespecting elders and law enforcement. They are a higher power, the least you could do is respect them and follow orders.”