Student Reveals Her Experience as a Liberal and Why it Drove Her to Trump

July 23, 2017Jul 23, 2017

College student Jessica Dobrinsky started out as a Bernie Sanders supporter. She loved the ideas behind Sanders’ campaign of “unity” and “togetherness.” In an exclusive interview with Fox News, she said she was originally a feminist. However, she quickly realized that socialistic ideas were not for her.

Dobrinsky stated, “For someone who didn’t know much about it, socialism sounded great. You want equality for everyone, but that wasn’t the way to do it.”

The former Sanders supporter discusses what strayed her away from feminism and socialism. She shared a Charlie Puth song on Twitter where one of the lyrics says, “I’ll be there to save the day.” After her post, she received a lot of hatred. Apparently, the left bashed her because the “I’ll be there to save the day” lyric supports “patriarchy and fulfilling the male hierarchy.”

In June of 2016, she finally broke away from feminism and socialism because of the type of people in the Sanders crowd. Although she was eventually drawn to the “Make America Great Again” platform, she reveals, “Out of fear, I didn’t even vote for Donald Trump.”

“Because of me being surround by these friends that were so far left, I really kept to myself...It really did scare me so bad that I would be judged and called a racist and all these terrible names, it really did leave a great impact on me.”

After Trump won the presidential election, she built the courage to publicly support him. Her public support led to her experiencing much abuse and harassment from left supporters. She talks about how one day she was walking on campus in a Trump t-shirt when a truck with Sanders stickers on it stopped. There were four or five men in the vehicle who yelled derogatory terms and “F--- Trump” at the young, college woman.

Dobrinsky shared the full interview on her personal Facebook page with the hashtag #SocialismSucks. Watch the video below.

Dobrinsky supported Trump in “Making America Great Again” once she realized what socialism was truly about, unlike some college students. In a recent video, students tried to define socialism, but their answers were sad and hilarious. If you love this story of a college student finding her bravery to support our president, please share it on your Facebook page. Thank you!