Student Can't Believe She's Still Expected To Go To Class Weeks After Trump Victory

December 01, 2016Dec 01, 2016

President-Elect Donald Trump's victory was followed by numerous reports of colleges across the country comforting grieving students by giving them coloring books, therapy dogs, cry rooms, and Play-Doh. But now, weeks after the Nov. 8 election, one particular student is wondering how she can be expected to still act like a student and go to class.

We wish this was satire.

According to Campus Reform, students at George Washington University in D.C. were given a meeting where they could share their grievances with Trump's win.

A female student, among many fearful and angry young scholars in the room, demanded of the university president and other administration members, "How do we move on and still go to classes?"

She conceded that she's "had some professors who have been understanding in how much of a personal and emotional toll this has taken," but countered that "there are other professors who don’t get it, or who are moving on with business as usual.”

After suggesting that her college shouldn't continue to operate like a college after Trump's victory, she said, “I know that different professors are doing different things, accommodating changing syllabi, but not everyone is doing that.”

Another student took issue with a general sentiment around the country that had permeate the hallowed walls of his campus, complaining, “I think there’s a problem with making fun of phrases like safe spaces and trigger warnings. Even among professors in classes you hear jokes and quips about it.”

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