‘Stranger Things’ Cast Talks Nancy’s Love Triangle With Steve, Jonathan

Who is her endgame, Nancy Wheeler? Nancy Wheeler’s (Natalia DyerSeason 4 has made it more complicated for couples. Stranger Things — and the cast had their own thoughts about the choice between Steve Harrington (Joe Keery) or Jonathan Byers (Charlie Heaton).

Newcomer Eduardo FrancoArgyle’s only actor, Jeremy, exclusively told Us Weekly earlier this month, “I want Jonathan to be happy. Who doesn’t? Steve is a ladies’ man. Jonathan is the one who has to be the one. [Nancy chooses],” he joked. “And if Nancy doesn’t [pick him]Nancy has a problem. Just kidding.”

Franco’s character played a pivotal role in season 4 as he helped guide Jonathan amid his ups and downs with Nancy. As they faced difficult decisions about college and the future of their relationship, the couple struggled to find common ground.

Natalia Dyer as Nancy Wheeler and Charlie Heaton as Jonathan Byers in ‘Stranger Things.’

As the new villain Vecna started to pose a threat to Hawkins, Indiana, Nancy found herself reconnecting with her ex Steve — which left the door open for a potential romance during part 2 of season 4.

According to Joe Chrest, who plays Ted Wheeler, he has always been Team Steve when it comes to Nancy’s love life. “Joe Keery and I hit it off early on. With our characters, we felt like they were almost the same guy,” Chrest, 56, shared with UsSeason 4 already in progress “That was Ted back when he was in high school. I am sure that is who I would want — the edgy kids you would rather stay away. Now Steve has an edge so we will see.”

Season 4 star Regina Ting ChenHowever, he argued that Jonathan was always meant for Nancy.

“I would say that I am always rooting for the underdog but actually I don’t even know who the underdog is now,” Chen, 32, who plays Ms. Kelly, explained to UseThe Stranger ThingsSeason 4 premiered in New York. Steve is now the underdog in the love triangle. “It turned! Jonathan because I enjoy being a nerd. The more awkward they seem, the more I can relate to them. So I would pick Jonathan.”

'Stranger Things' Cast Weighs In on Whether Nancy Wheeler Should End Up With Steve Harrington or Jonathan Byers

Natalia Dyer as Nancy Wheeler and Joe Keery as Steve Harrington in ‘Stranger Things.’

When Stranger ThingsNancy first met Steve in 2016 while she was casually dating him. Even though Nancy and Steve ended up together, her time spent with Jonathan made Nancy question their relationship.

Season 2 saw a change in the love triangle when Nancy and Jonathan teamed again. For Keery, 30, the connection between Nancy and Steve may have shifted but he hoped they would continue to stay in each other’s lives.

“I think everybody sort of still has feelings for that one person in some way or the other. You love them. They are important to you. You think about it fondly or think about it negatively,” he said during an interview with Us2017. “I think that Steve and Nancy are the same way. I don’t know really the fate of the relationship, but I think, or at least I hope that people find the humanity in the situation.”

Dyer, 27, also noted that outside forces were influencing the characters’ views on their personal lives. “I think we’re coming into all these characters dealing with the very crazy, supernatural, very quick trauma, and I think, in a way, that it forces you to grow in your relationships, therefore grow and change,” the actress added at the time. “I think that’s what’s going on with the love triangle. They’re just figuring out where they are, and who they are, and what matters and how they relate to each other. So it’s a little messy.”

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