Stores Can’t Make Up Their Mind About Selling Ivanka’s Line

March 12, 2017Mar 12, 2017

An American luxury department store, Neiman Marcus, announced on February 2nd of this year that they would not be carrying Ivanka Trump’s jewelry line for the season.

The organizer of the #grabyourwallet campaign happily added the company to her ‘Which Companies Have Been Dropped’ [from the boycott] list.

However, boycott participants noticed that the Neiman Marcus website was selling Ivanka’s jewelry again on March 8th. The campaign organizer immediately transferred it back to the ‘Boycott These Companies’ list.

Just a few days after Shannon's post, the Neiman Marcus website is no longer showing Ivanka Trump products and her name does not appear when searching for a specific designer.

Bed Bath & Beyond’s website also doesn’t show Ivanka Trump products anymore, which has been on the #grabyourwallet boycott list since the beginning of the campaign.

Fortunately for Ivanka, her sales are still breaking records!

What do you think about these store's decisions regarding Ivanka’s line?

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