Stolen Royal Artifacts Worth $7M Found in Least Likely Place

February 05, 2019Feb 05, 2019

A treasure that is being estimated at close to $7 million has possibly just been found. According to police, a security guard may have located the missing artifacts.

"Swedish royal treasure from 1611 worth more than $7 million which was stolen last July might have been found by a security guard on top of a trash can in a suburb of Stockholm. The artifacts, the so-called funeral regalia that are placed inside or on top of a coffin to symbolize a deceased royal’s identity and social ranking, were stolen last year from a Cathedral, west of Stockholm," reported Fox News.

The treasure was stolen last summer at the end of July. The missing pieces included two crowns and an orb. It was stolen from a display case after the thieves smashed the glass and grabbed the pieces.

"Everything suggests that Charles IX's stolen funeral regalia have been found in the Stockholm area, but police are working hard to get it 100 percent confirmed," the police statement reads.

Officials are currently analyzing the jewels to make sure they are indeed the stolen items. They are carefully inspecting the pieces to verify their authenticity.

The story made headlines around the globe last summer due to the incredible circumstances surrounding the robbery. The entire plot seemed like something out of a James Bond film.

"The thieves escaped the crime scene by motorboat using the vast system of lakes in the surrounding area. While the police dispatched out a helicopter and boat to hunt down the thieves, they weren’t immediately arrested," reported Fox.

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