Stir Up ‘RHOA’ Alum Cynthia Bailey’s Lemon Crush Cocktail Drink Recipe

Real Housewives of Atlanta Star Cynthia Bailey Tickled Pink Cocktail Drink
Courtesy Cynthia Bailey/Instagram

Perfect summer refresher Real Housewives of AtlantaAlum Cynthia Bailey is soaking up the season with her Lemon Crush cocktail — and she shared the recipe exclusively with Us.

“I love this refreshing cocktail because it really tastes like summer — it’s like a tropical vacation in a glass,” the Georgia resident, 55, revealed in the newest issue of Us Weekly. “It’s light, crisp and just an easy and delicious drink!”

Reality star is a long-time foodie and teller.Use in May 2021 that she is “the self-proclaimed potato salad queen” — who is willing to go head-to-head with anyone who claims otherwise.

“I will put [mine] up against anyone, anytime,” Bailey offered. “Let me know when you want that challenge to happen.”

The entrepreneur revealed that he also had to UseHer first career moves were in food industry.

“My first job was [at a] Taco Bell. I moved up quite quickly. I was a manager at my branch after about four months,” she explained, adding, “I worked at Wendy’s for a short time as well. Somehow I was on the baked potato duty.”

Though Bailey’s specialty may involve potatoes, she’s long been a fan of cocktails.

“After a long day, I like to crack open one of my delicious, refreshing peach bellinis from Seagram’s Escapes, sit on my couch and watch a movie,” she told Us at the time.

Bailey loves Seagram’s so much that she included it in her Lemon Crush recipe. (She specifically uses Seagram’s Escapes Jamaican Me Happy for the pink lemonade-based beverage.) The cocktail also includes bright, refreshing fruits: lemon, strawberries and watermelon — making for light and fruity sips filled with all the colors of a summer sunset.

The instructions are just as straightforward as the ingredients: simply fill a pitcher with ice and stir in the Seagram’s, pink lemonade and vodka together with the fruit. (The watermelon slice is only for garnish. Voilà! It’s ready to be served!

Bailey believes that the best way to get the refreshment is while she’s with her husband. Mike Hill. Bravo alum, 51, surprised her husband with an impressive dinner after welcoming him home in March 2021.

“Welcome back, Mr. Hill. See the spread I laid out?” she wrote via her Instagram Story at the time, sharing a dining room table filled to the brim with grilled meat, a salad, avocado and rice, and plenty of vegetables, including Brussels sprouts and corn.

Whet an appetite — and thirst! — with Bailey’s Lemon Crush recipe below:

Real Housewives of Atlanta Star Cynthia Bailey Tickled Pink Cocktail Drink 2
Courtesy of Seagram’s Escapes


3 cups of ice or as much as you need to fill your pitcher (plus extra for serving).

1 bottle Seagram’s Escapes Jamaican Me Happy, chilled

2 oz vodka

¾ cup pink lemonade

1 lemon, sliced

¼ cup sliced strawberries

Watermelon slices as garnish


1. Add ice and heat to a pitcher

2. Add Seagram’s Escapes Jamaican Me Happy, vodka, pink lemonade, lemon and strawberries to the pitcher. Mix everything together.

3. Divide into 2 glasses. Garnish with a watermelon slice if desired

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