Stevie Wonder Announces He's Postponing Touring to Get a Kidney Transplant

July 06, 2019Jul 06, 2019

Musical legend Stevie Wonder announced on Saturday that he's putting his career on hold. He's stopping his tour to undergo surgery for a kidney transplant, reported TMZ

The legendary singer broke the news Saturday in England during his set at the British Summer Time Hyde Park music festival. He told attendees that he'd be doing three more shows before going on a hiatus to get the procedure done in September.

Stevie says he's already found a donor for the kidney. He added, "I'm all good, I'm all good, I'm all good."

The news was broken by BBC correspondent Aleem Maqbool. His tweet read, "The moment, this evening at Hyde Park, Stevie Wonder told us why he would be taking a break from performing...."

People seemed shocked at first. However, they erupted in applause after they realized that his surgery meant he was caring for his health.

He told them he came out to share his love of music. He also said he wanted to get ahead of the rumor mill by announcing it himself.

Prior to Saturday, word of Stevie's decreasing health was swirling. Sources told the Detroit Free Press that he was battling a "serious but manageable" health issue, and was taking steps to address it.

The sources even said he's been traveling with a medical team of late. Source also claimed that he was suffering from kidney failure, and had already begun dialysis.

We are praying for Stevie Wonder. We pray for a safe surgery and a full recovery.