Steve Harvey Allegedly Freaking Out After Lori Harvey And Michael B. Jordan Dropped Pregnancy Hints

It is Steve HarveyFurious with his little girl? After Lori HarveyIt was suggested that she Michael B. JordanSteve may be pregnant, according to one report. Here’s what we know.

‘Full Grandpa-Zilla’

According to the National EnquirerLori is spreading pregnancy rumors while Steve fumes. He wasn’t given any heads-up and is now down her throat after Lori referred to Jordan as her “baby daddy” on a New Year’s Eve Instagram story. A source explains, “She’s got to be regretting it now. Steve’s been calling nonstop and demanding an explanation, and she’s just not ready to spill the beans either way.”

Steve doesn’t have anything against Jordan, but the announcement caught him off guard. “He’s demanding to know what the heck’s going on here,” a source says. Lori kept Steve’s father in the dark as Steve was constantly interfering with her life. An insider says, “If Steve had his way he’d be their full-blown wedding planner, therapist, and career coach.”

How Did Steve Harvey React To Lori’s Post?

Gossip CopSteve Harvey is going to be more trustworthy than the EnquireThis one. The Family FeudHost appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres ShowHe was shown a photo of Lori with Jordan. Lori posted the photo on New Year’s Eve when she was also making “baby daddy” comments in her story.

“I haven’t seen that picture before,” Steve says uncomfortably. Steve does sing Jordan’s praises for gifting him a glorious cigar box and speculates that Jordan is trying so hard with his gifts because he wants to get engaged.

This clip discredits the whole idea. EnquireStory in one easy step. Steve’s clearly not checking Lori’s Instagram, but he is actively rooting for the two to succeed as a couple. He wasn’t applying any marital pressure whatsoever. His new show was the best. Judge Steve Harvey and his numerous other projects, he’s also way too busy to be a wedding planner/therapist for his adult daughter.

Other Bogus Stories

The EnquireThis is just a repeat of the past. It was 2021 when it was claimed that Jordan was fed up of Steve’s constant meddling and checking-ins. This is just a spin on the same premise. It was false then, and it’s false now.

This outlet has never had a handle on Steve’s personal life. It called him an annoying horndog, exhausting his wife, a few weeks back. Steve has also kept his job at the Family FeudDespite the tabloid promising that he would be fired or retired, he did not get fired. It doesn’t know anything about Steve whatsoever, so you should discard this story.

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