Stephen King Gets Slammed for His Tweet in Response to the Texas Church Massacre

November 08, 2017Nov 08, 2017

American author Stephen King, famously known for his horror and suspense writing, has stirred a lot of controversy recently involving his political views. The author of “The Shining” and “It” is a well-known Trump critic and consistently advocates for liberal beliefs.

Following the tragic, Texas church massacre where at least 26 people—including several young children—were shot and killed, King tweeted very insensitive responses to the event and used it as an opportunity to push liberal views onto his followers.

While much of the nation was praying for the victims who were attacked in their place of worship, King mocked the significance of prayer. Additionally, he encouraged harsher gun control laws.

On Twitter, King stated, “Enough with the prayin’. Time to start legislatin’. How many more have to die before we enact sane gun control laws?”

Conservatives responded to his tweets, pointing out that King failed to acknowledge that the attacker accessed his gun illegally and the hero who helped stop the shooter—with a gun, legally. Gun laws would simply prevent “good guys” from obtaining weapons, not criminals.

Another used the analogy of drug laws. Even though our country has laws in place to prevent people from selling and consuming illegal drugs, it still happens among those willing to break the law.

What do you think about Stephen King’s response to the Texas church massacre? Share your thoughts in our Facebook comments. In breaking news, new information was released in relation to the young television actor who committed suicide.

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