Stephen Curry: Man of Faith

June 08, 2017Jun 08, 2017

Stephen Curry and his Golden State Warriors are one game away from an historic season. At 15-0 in the NBA Playoffs, they are on the brink of achieving what no NBA team before has accomplished: a perfect postseason.

Curry has asserted himself as the leader of his team. Humble and sacrificial, he’s led his Warriors both on the court and off. The question is, what drives him?

The answer: His faith in Christ. In an article originally published in Fellowship of Christian Athletes’ magazine (FCA magazine), and later republished on CNS News, Curry explains the path he’s taken to arrive his place of responsibility and notoriety.

He remembers from his childhood the games he played with his brother, Seth, in their backyard basketball court in Charlotte, North Carolina. “We’d play for hours and hours, oftentimes well into the night with the use of a bright stage light shining on the court, until our mom would yell out the window for us to come in.”

Curry was taught in a Christian Montessori school led by his mother, and he remembers how close he and his siblings were in that school, being surrounded by family. “My brother and sister and I were blessed to have such great influences in our lives, and I can honestly say that my mom and dad were the best.”

At Charlotte Christian School Curry enrolled as a middle school student, where he heard the gospel on a daily basis. “Looking back, my childhood was filled with the Lord’s presence.”

A son to a basketball star, Curry knew that when he graduated high school, he wanted to pursue the game of basketball. But neither Virginia Tech, nor any of the other school’s that he was interested in, were interested in him. “I was confident the Lord had blessed me with the talent to play the game, and I just wanted to go where He wanted me to be.”

As a Golden State Warrior, Curry realizes that God has put him in a position to reach people for His kingdom. “I love that basketball gives me the opportunities to do good things for people and to point them toward the Man who died for our sins on the cross. I know I have a place in heaven waiting for me because of Him, and that’s something no earthly prize or trophy could ever top. … There’s more to me than just this jersey I wear, and that’s Christ living inside of me.”

Please pray for Curry and his platform to reach people for Christ.