Stephen Baldwin Slams Brother Alec For "Mockery" and "Blindness" In Brutal Tweet

April 02, 2019Apr 02, 2019

Stephen Baldwin is a conservative in a family of not-so-conservatives. And as you can read from his latest tweet, it has deeply pained him. But he can't stay silent any longer, not after what his famous brother Alec Baldwin just did.

Alec just backed actress Alyssa Milano in boycotting Georgia over their recent Heartbeat Bill, banning abortion after a heartbeat is detected, usually around 6 weeks gestational age. The bill is just awaiting Republican Brian Kemp's signature.

"Georgia values life," Kemp said of the bill. "We stand up for the innocent and speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. The Legislature's bold action reaffirms our priorities and who we are as a state."

The bill was a major victory for pro-lifers, but a major source of angst for pro-choicers. Why would someone be upset that a baby is not allowed to be murdered? Celebrities like Milano interpret the move as "anti-woman" and "anti-choice." Maybe also it is a conscience-check for those that have had abortions.

In any event, Christian Stephen Baldwin, 52, couldn't take it any more. He let his disapproval to Alec be known in a very public way, tweeting:

“Avoided tweets like this, long as I could now, to [sic] overwhelming. Love will ultimately wins, Jesus [heart emoji symbol], but for so long I’ve sat back & trusted God as my own, family members have perpetrated the spirit of hate ... through abortion, Mockery & blindness #sad #Alec #hates #pray.”

Milano has mobilized over 50 other celebrities to boycott Georgia, trying to intimidate the governor into blocking the decision lest he lose state revenue.

Among the group of celebrities threatening to boycott doing work in Georgia are Colin Hanks, Debra Messing, Patton Oswalt, Rosie O’Donnell, Sean Penn, Amy Schumer, Michael Sheen, Sarah Silverman, Ben Stiller, Amber Tamblyn and Wil Wheaton, reports Fox News.

What do you think of Georgia's very pro-life heartbeat bill? And what do you think of Stephen Baldwin's bold message to his pro-choice brother? Share your thoughts in the comments. We want to hear!

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