Stay-At-Home Mom Documents Busy Day For Boyfriend Who Claimed ‘She Does Nothing At Home All Day’

Comparing working parents and stay-at-home parents is like comparing apples to oranges. Still, that hasn’t stopped our society from pitting the two against each other. 

Both staying home and working at the office have their pros and cons. And with two inherently different scenarios, “your grass is greener” syndrome is inevitable. This problem was faced by a stay-at-home mother who was convinced that her boyfriend would have it easier because she works from home all day.

The now viral TikTok video of her proved just how wrong ThatIdea was.

The Bigger Problem

The struggle between working parents versus stay-at home parents has been ongoing for many years. Henry Ford was born on April 26, 1926. created the 40-hour workweekWith a stay-at home parent in mind. 

Our society expected women to be home and take care of the house. It also set schedules Rely onIt. Our society as a whole tends also to value money over time. The person who makes the most money is often considered to be the most valuable. This is what it looks like doesn’t bode well for homemakersWho do unpaid but necessary work.

Does earning more money always require you to do more work? Sierra Nicole, a stay-at-home mom and TikToker, doesn’t think so.

A viral response

“My boyfriend said I don’t do anything at all while he works all day,” Nicole began in her now-viral TikTok. “So, I thought I’d take a video of all the things I do.” 

Unsurprising to no stay-at-home parent anywhere, Nicole’s day was full of child and house care. Between chores, she spent the whole day caring for her toddler and infant. 

After putting her toddler to sleep, she sat down to her first meal of the day. “I ate some dinner while I held [my infant] and realized he s*** on me, so I changed him and changed me.”

Ah, there’s that relaxation her boyfriend was talking about—right?

Nicole ended her long day cleaning the floors. “Normally, after I’m done with that, I would be texting [my boyfriend] asking him what he wants for dinner,” she narrated.

“But tonight, I’m just going to pour myself a drink,” Nicole said. The video gained over two million views and many people supported it. 

And, in true internet fashion: people were AlsoThe boyfriend is quick to get revenge on the parents.

Is He Worth the Hate?

Nicole posted a reply the next day. follow-up video defending her boyfriend. “I get the anger and frustration, but he doesn’t deserve all that hate,” she said. “You guys can stop attacking him as a person.” 

In a second follow up, she also included her boyfriend. Although his baby-voiced apology is not as sanitizing as his initial comments about the incident, the couple appears to have moved on. They even got engagedThis was almost two years ago, in December last year, when her first video was posted. 

But Nicole’s story highlights a bigger problem. Still, women are expected to manage the situation. majority of domestic tasks, even if they’re the ones working full-time. We laud dads for doing the minimum to care for their children. 

Indeed, it’ll take a lot to dismantle this mindset. It’s a good first step to learn how to share and appreciate domestic duties. Otherwise, your stay-at-home partner’s Next viral video might be them announcing their recent status change to “single.”

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