State Passes Bill That Sparks Reaction From LGBT Community

March 11, 2017Mar 11, 2017

South Dakota’s governor, Dennis Daugaard, signed to pass a bill that protects religious rights of child-placement agencies (adoption agencies, orphanages, organizations that place kids in foster homes, etc.).

The bill states:

“No child-placement agency may be required to provide any service that conflicts with, or provide any service under circumstances that conflict with any sincerely-held religious belief or moral conviction of the child-placement agency.”

However, the LGBT community feels targeted and discriminated against.

See some news article headlines that agree:

South Dakota is First State in 2017 to Legalize Discrimination Against LGBT People

South Dakota Just Banned LGBTQ Citizens From Adopting Orphan Children

The bill does not state anything about gay or transgender individuals.

What are your thoughts on this new bill protecting religious beliefs?

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