State Considers Allowing Students to Determine Gender, Race Without Parental Consent

November 22, 2017Nov 22, 2017

Rachel Dolezal — who now calls herself Nkechi Amare Diallo — put liberals in a tough spot when she was outed as a white woman masquerading as a black woman — and heading a chapter of the NAACP, no less. Many liberals who claimed that people can self-identify as a different gender were suddenly uncomfortable with a white woman leaping the much smaller biological gap of ethnic differences.

But it seems some liberals are finally coming around. The Department of Education in Delaware is considering a host of regulations that would allow any student in their schools to self-determine not only their gender but their race as well, and it could all be handled without parental consent or notification, according to the Daily Wire.

The wording of the proposed regulations makes it clear that schools will work with students to help them live as a different gender or race during the school day. On top of that, the school will determine if parents should be notified based on whether or not the students think their parents will be supportive.

“A school may request permission from the parent or legal guardian of a minor student before a self-identified gender or race is accepted; provided, however, that prior to requesting the permission from a parent or legal guardian, the school should consult and work closely with the student to assess the degree to which, if any, the parent or legal guardian is aware of the Protected Characteristic and is supportive of the student, and the school shall take into consideration the safety, health, and well-being of the student in deciding whether to request permission from the parent or legal guardian,” says section 7.4.1 of Regulation 225.

If these regulations are passed, it appears that schools will be required to not only let students participate in whichever gender-specific class they identify with — like sex-ed classes and sports activities — but will also have to allow them to use whichever facility they identify with — bathrooms, locker rooms, showers, and hotel rooms. The regulations apply to extra-curricular activities as well, which could involve travel for competitions and performances.

Here are six problems with these plans right off the bat:

1. In regards to race, what if white student Billy decides to identify as a black boy and begins to speak in a stereotypical African-American dialect? If black student Dominic complains to a teacher that Billy is making fun of the way he talks by badly mimicking it, will Billy be accused of cultural appropriation and told to stop or will Dominic be instructed to accept all the ways that Billy is simply expressing his newfound “blackness”?

2. If a male high school student decides to identify as female in order to play on the girls' soccer team, then it seems he would have to be treated as a girl and allowed to stay in the same hotel room as the rest of the high school girls while traveling to games. The male high school student’s parents wouldn’t have to even be notified about this if he simply tells a teacher that his parents wouldn’t be accepting of his sudden decision to be a girl.

3. In general, it would put female students in danger. From the wording of Regulation 225, it seems like the school system would be putting a bigger priority on “the safety, health and well-being” of students in regards to disapproving parents than “the safety, health and well-being” of girls forced to play sports with and share facilities with boys.

4. Affirmative action programs, intended to give minority students easier admission to colleges of their choice, could find themselves flooded with minority-identifying white students from Delaware high schools that want an extra leg up as well.

5. Schools would be obligated to help students foster their new gender identity, helping them make a massive change to their lifestyle — with long-term effects. And they could do it behind parents’ backs. In other words, the taxpayer-funded state government would have a much bigger role in helping your child deal with their gender issues that you as a parent will.

6. A student growing up in this school system will expect every institute of higher education, every future employer, every business, every church, and every other state to fully accept whatever race or gender they identify with on any given day.

What other problems do you see with all of this? In other news, First Lady Melania Trump has some exciting decorating plans for her first Christmas in the White House.

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