Startling Information About Secret Nuclear Scientist in Belgium

March 22, 2016Mar 22, 2016

Belgium authorities ordered all non-essential personnel out of a major nuclear plant just 50 miles from Brussels today. To put things in perspective, 50 miles is a fairly short drive — under an hour — from the scene of today's terrorist attacks.


It turns out that one of the key pieces of evidence unearthed in recent raids in Belgium on terrorists was 10 hours of videotape that had been secretly recorded.

The 10 hours was from a camera secreted outside the home of a nuclear scientist working at one of Belgium's key nuclear facilities. They were recording his coming and going in an unusually sophisticated targeting. Someone had to know who he was; where he worked; where he lived; and why he was such a key individual.

Authorities have not yet put all the clues together, but combined with this morning's ordered shutdown of the nuclear plant it leads to a belief that ISIS could be targeting a key nuclear facility with an eye to obtaining nuclear material that could be used to devastating effect. Let us pray that their efforts will be stopped before horrific damage could result.