Starbucks Makes Major Announcement Regarding Big Change Coming to Every Store

July 09, 2018Jul 09, 2018

On Monday, Starbucks made an announcement about a major change that is coming to their stores. The revealed they would be removing plastic straws from all of their locations across the globe. The current plastic straws will soon be replaced with strawless lids, which are already being offered for select drinks. 

Starbucks' newest policy is set to be in full effect by 2020 and will cut the use of plastic straws by 1 billion per year. Their reduction of waste will have a positive impact on the environment by helping to reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in the ocean every year. According to reports, eight million metric tons of plastic makes its way to the ocean each year. 

Many social media users have applauded the company for their latest move. While many are thrilled to see a decrease in the use of plastic, others encouraged customers to take it a step further by pointing out the importance of using a reusable cup instead of single-use plastic ones.

For those would still prefer a straw with their beverage the company will provide one that would be made from an alternative, environmentally friendly, material. News of their plan comes after IKEA and McDonald's have recently announced they would be getting rid of their plastic straws in the near future as well.

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