Star Athlete Says What America Has Needed To Hear About Being A Dad

May 08, 2019May 08, 2019

Abortion is rampant in America. A shocking new figure just came out that New Yorkers are more likely to die from late-term abortion than homicide. How sad.

What would drive a woman to go against her biological instinct to nurture a child within her womb? Many point to selfishness and a self-centered culture built around comfort. And that is true. But what about women not feeling supported by men, by the fathers of these babies?

That is what former New Orleans Saints player and outspoken Christian Benjamin Watson addressed at a pro-life rally last week in New York. His comments drew heat from feminists, but his message is one that they desperately need (and probably deeply want) to hear.

“As families across our country are being destroyed and as lives are being extinguished, we must expose the lies that are being told. We must peel back those layers of deceit,” said Watson, speaking to men in particular.

“We have to be men who are willing to step into that boldly and with confidence because we were made to be protectors and providers. You have what it takes to be the man God designed you to be,” he continued.

“That’s where is starts,” said Watson, asking men to stand up in the pro-life arena. “It doesn’t start when the baby is out. The relationship you have with the mother, the relationship you have talking to that child en utero. Fatherhood begins in the womb.”

“There are millions of preborn children and courageous, precious mothers that are depending on us men to be men. So let’s do it," encouraged the retired National Football League player.

Watson also publicly rebuked Alabama State Representative John Rogers on Twitter who recently said in promotion of abortion, we need to "kill them now" so we don't have to "kill them later."

"The solution for unwanted children is to WANT them. The solution for unloved children is to LOVE them. The solution for a future of poor education, poverty, and incarceration is EDUCATIONAL INVESTMENT, JOBS, and DECARCERATION. Killing innocent life will NEVER be the solution," Watson said in response to Roger's reprehensible comments.

It was great to read the comments of support for Watson's strong pro-life stance.

Obviously, we need more godly, strong men in the public sphere like Watson to stand up and speak for the unborn. Do you love what he said? Share your thoughts and support in the comments! We can't let the other side win just because they are louder.


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