Standoff: What Happened At Meeting Bundys Were Headed To Before Arrest Is Quite Telling

January 28, 2016Jan 28, 2016

What happened at the meeting in the rural town of John Day, Oregon that the Bundys and other leaders of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge occupation were headed to when they were arrested and Robert "LaVoy" Finicum was killed serves as a microcosm of those involved in this volatile situation.

According to The Oregonian, the meeting the Bundys had planned to attend two days ago was attended by hundreds of people, many of them local. While some were there to protest the occupation, most were in support of it.


While not all of the supporters were in favor of the Bundys' methods, the strong opinion at the John Day Senior Center meeting was that the federal government had truly gone too far in its ever-increasing encroachment on the land rights of private citizens.

When the news broke in the meeting of the arrest and shooting, there were mixed calls to call it off or continue it. That's when a woman came up on stage and started singing Gospel songs.

Local artist Mytchell Mead commented, "It was exactly like a revival meeting."

But then accusations flew that Grant County Sheriff Glenn Palmer had been in league with the authorities and setup the ambush of the Bundys and their cohorts. Shouts filled the room, for and against the sheriff. Palmer, who was attending the meeting, quietly left.

The crowd did not dissolve into violence, however, as some present feared. Rather, despite the high level of emotion, the meeting concluded with a prayer before everyone went home.