Spouse of Southern Senator Rushed to Hospital: 'Heart Not Working Well'

October 30, 2017Oct 30, 2017

The Associated Press reports that the husband of Missouri Sen. McCaskill is in a hospital intensive care unit. Apparently, the spouse was rushed to the hospital on Monday. He is currently in a hospital in St. Louis, but there are no further details about his condition.

McCaskill said on Twitter that her husband, Joseph Shepard, “has a very big heart but right now not working very well. Currently in ICU. Thanks for your prayers in advance.”


McCaskill and her husband, who is also a millionaire developer, have been married since 2002. The couple has a home in St. Louis and in Washington D.C. 

Daily Mail reports that McCaskill has been very busy lately, raising roughly $3 million to maintain her Missouri Senate seat. She is among 10 Senate Democrats running in states won by President Donald Trump, and her upcoming election battle looks as though it will be gritty and expensive.

The Missouri race will be crucial in the Senate, where the Republicans have only a narrow majority of 52 seats.

Another critical Senate race will be in Alabama. It has been reported by LifeSite News that Southern Senate candidate Roy Moore has spoken out again about how he will bring God to the nation if elected. Moore is a pro-life, pro-family Christian Alabama judge running for the US Senate against the will of the establishment of the party. He is sharply contrasted with his socially liberal and pro-abortion opponent, Democratic Senator Doug Jones. 

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