Beloved Sports Broadcasting Icon, Dick Enberg, Dies After Sudden Heart Attack

December 22, 2017Dec 22, 2017

It has been reported that Dick Enberg, a sports broadcasting legend, has died at age 82. Enberg was one of the most famous voices in sports history, according to TMZ.

Enberg's wife told reporters that her husband passed away at their home in La Jolla on Thursday. He was getting ready to leave the house for a flight when, suddenly, he died of a heart attack. The death was very unexpected. The family apparently became very alarmed after they learned that he hadn't boarded his flight. Eventually, they went back home to find Enberg dead with his bags entirely packed. 

Enberg's voice is recognizable to most people who watch sports. According to TMZ, "he covered ten Super Bowls, 28 Wimbledons, and several NCAA basketball championship games."

"He was also honored by the Pro Football Hall of Fame, the Basketball Hall of Fame and has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame."

ABC News writes that the family is extremely surprised by the death, remarking that Enberg was full of life and energy. At this time, they are still processing this shocking loss, and they ask two things from the public. First, they request that the media and public give them the privacy they deserve during this difficult time. Second, they request that anybody who cared for or listened to Enberg pray for all family and friends who are impacted by this tragic loss. 

According to ABC News, "Enberg got his big break with UCLA basketball and went on to call Super Bowls, Olympics, Final Fours and Angels and Padres baseball games as well as Rams football games."

They continue, "He retired from his TV job with the Padres in October 2016, capping a six-decade career punctuated with countless calls of 'Oh my!' in describing big plays. He also was well known for his baseball catchphrase of 'Touch 'em all!' for home runs.

Indeed, Enberg was an icon in the industry. His voice was known by virtually anybody who has watched sports over the past several decades, and those in the industry were lucky to have him. 

Enberg also won 13 Sports Emmy Awards and a Lifetime Achievement Emmy. On top of that, UCLA named its Media Center in Pauley Pavilion after Enberg earlier this year.

In order to honor him, flowers will be placed on Enberg's star on the Walk of Fame. 

ESPN writes that Enberg was one of America's most beloved sports broadcasters, writing that "Enberg was one of America's most beloved sports broadcasters, with his versatile voice spanning the world on networks such as NBC, CBS and ESPN."

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