Southern Charm’s Shep Rose Discusses Love for Taylor, Details Split

He’s not past the breakup. Shep RoseHis split from Taylor Ann Green — and the Southern Charm star admitted he still wasn’t over his ex-girlfriend.

“[I will] always be in love with her,” the South Caroline native, 42, exclusively told Us WeeklyBravoCon Saturday, October 15. “That thing, ‘Are you in love or do you love her?’ I love her. That’s all you need to know.”

Rose also discussed his plans to continue to support Green, 27, adding, “I will root for her for the rest of her life. And I will do anything on Earth to make sure that she’s happy.”

Taylor Ann Green and Sheprose
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According to the Bravo personality, his attempt at “juggling” too many responsibilities was the reason behind their breakup.

“It’s easy to throw a ball up and catch it. During season 7, we were sort of in our honeymoon period,” he explained. “This season, I had three balls in the air [which were]Taylor, me, and our relationship. I’ve also fallen a few times. [Then you] add alcohol to the mix.”

While reflecting on their issues, Rose referred to their split as a “slow motion car wreck,” saying, “I knew what was happening and I knew [what]I was doing. I was doing the wrong thing sometimes or saying the wrong thing.”

Before they became engaged, Green and Rose started romance rumors in 2020. Season 8 of Southern Charm, however, viewers saw the former couple’s connection take a turn. In July, UseIt was confirmed that reality TV stars had decided on a split.

The entrepreneur, who was speaking at BravoCon, recalled watching their downs and ups on the screen. “I want the world to root for me and my relationship,” he shared with UseSaturday. “Unfortunately, things got a little sideways and it didn’t help that there were friends and family who were watching the show.”

Rose admitted he wasn’t expecting the pair to mend their romantic relationship at the moment.

“There were some [issues]In the way we saw the world. In the past, I headed for the exit when I saw something that didn’t add up and it’s a big testament to her that I said, ‘You know what? Screw it. She’s amazing and I don’t care.’ But these things don’t disappear,” he continued. “She’s fantastic [but to] get back together, I don’t know. I think that maybe I’m not the best for her. It sounds like a cop-out. I swear it’s not.”

The Southern CharmRose’s newcomer suggested that she originally expected to get back together. “We had a conversation when we first separated where I was like, ‘Here’s some things I want you [to work on]. I’m gonna try to push you, drive you and challenge you to do these things.’ And I found out he was doing quite the opposite,” she exclusively told UseFriday, October 14. “So that in itself was just a turn off for me.”

The clinical assistant added: “I am definitely dating myself. I know people say that, but I think I’m asexual at the moment.”

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