Southern Charm’s Landon Clements Addresses Cameran Eubanks’ Exit

Making the right choices for self-care. After her departure from Southern Charm, Landon ClementsWeighed in on former costars Cameran Eubanks‘ exit — and pointed out how filming altered her state of mind over the years.

“It really does sort of affect your mental health. I mean, in Cameran’s situation, she’s raising a little girl. So it’s like, what is your priority? Chasing this sort of fame or raising a family and being a good mother?” Clements, 40, exclusively told Us WeeklyThursday, June 30: Lessons learned from Bravo’s hit series.

According to the former reality TV star, appearing on Southern CharmIt has seen its ups as well as downs. “There became so much negativity, especially around the like Thomas [Ravenel] Kathryn [Dennis] saga,” Clements added. “Nobody wanted to be a part of that. I mean, it just in my opinion grotesque.”

The California resident also revealed that she wasn’t sure whether a return would be in the cards for her. “You have to be careful about what you say and careful about what you do. I mean the first two seasons I definitely was a lot more free with my opinions,” she recalled to Use. “If I came back to do the show, I don’t know if I would be as free with my thoughts and my words as I once was.”

Clements added: “Because I saw how I was attacked for giving my honest opinion on things. But I also believe that my honest opinion has value. You’re put in this weird position and then you do start to feel influenced by media and current events and how do I be Switzerland, so to speak.”

On December 1, the real estate agent made its debut. Southern CharmIt ended in 2015, but Eubanks resigned two years later. Eubanks, 38 years old, was a cast member for six seasons, before she announced her departure in May 2020.

The South Carolina native remained firm in her decision not to return to the series earlier this season. “If I was to ever go back on television, it would have to be something boring that didn’t involve fighting or having to talk about people,” Eubanks, who shares 4-year-old daughter Palmer with husband Jason WimberlyExclusively told UseApril. “It would have to be a whole different — no, I couldn’t do it.”

Eubanks confirmed that there had been no discussions about a season 8 appearance. “I would go back and do it all over again,” she said. “I closed that door and there’s really no need for me to go back. I don’t think it would necessarily serve a purpose. But the show’s doing great.”

Clements, on the other hand, has moved on to new projects ever since he left. Southern Charm.

“Mostly I’m just working in real estate — just been busy with real estate stuff. Like everyone else, it’s been a weird few years with COVID and everything. So I’m really happy to be in Charleston right now,” she told Use. “I used to come back and forth like every six weeks and I haven’t been able to do that as much. So it’s really nice that the world’s kind of coming back to normal again and can start doing little events and fun stuff that I love doing. So that’s been really fun.”

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Christina Garibaldi reporting

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