South Korea Responds to North Korea's Latest Missile Launch With Fire

November 28, 2017Nov 28, 2017

At 1:30 a.m. local time, North Korea launched an intercontinental ballistic missile eastward, heading toward Japan. It landed in the Sea of Japan inside their “exclusive economic zone.”

According to CNN correspondent Will Ripley, reported that the missile ICBM flew for 53 minutes before landing 130 miles from the Japanese coast. The missile flew very high—2,800 miles—and it traveled 596 miles.

“For context, International Space Station orbits at 408km (253 miles). This is significantly higher than NK’s July 28 ICBM launch (3,700km altitude).”

Ripley also noted that the ICBM flew higher than any previous North Korean missile. However, it flew on a familiar trajectory toward Japan instead of hitting the U.S. ally.

“It seems Kim Jong Un has avoided the kind of provocation that could trigger a military response,” observed Ripley.

South Korea responds to North Korean missile launch with a live-fire drill of its own. Newsweek reported that South Korea staged the missile exercise, which was aimed at potentially taking out North Korea's most valuable military assets. The strike matched the North Korean flight distance, landing int he water off the east coast of South Korea. 

“South Korea's Joint Chief of Staff said its military conducted what it called a ‘precision strike’ missile exercise in immediate response to North Korea's latest ‘provocation’ in more than two months,” reported the news outlet.

Ripley added, “South Korea Joint Chiefs of Staff says its counter drill tested a scenario of simultaneously hitting a target through the land, air, and sea. They did not elaborate further.”

President Trump told reporters on Tuesday that "He will take care of it." The president did not elaborate, reported AP

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