Source Says Travis Scott’s Priorities Have Changed Amid Astroworld Tragedy

Travis ScottHe is publicly addressing his role in the Astroworld tragedy in real-time. According to one report, his priorities are changing as he faces backlash and lawsuits. Kylie Jenner. Here’s what’s going on.

‘Unbreakable’ Bond

According to HollywoodLife, Scott’s pain has drawn him and Jenner closer together. She’s been by his side since Astrowrold, and he can’t see a world without her. “Travis has been with Kylie nonstop for several weeks now and he is going to be by her side for the foreseeable future. The tragedy has really changed Travis and his relationship with Kylie,” a source exclusively says.

Scott realized after Jenner’s death that his career was just as important to him as Jenner. They became even closer because of her unwavering support. The source says he “wants to be the father to their two children that she has always wanted him to be.” Astroworld made their bond unbreakable.

She’s Had His Back

It’s true that Jenner has been by Scott’s side through this nightmare. Jenner made a statement in support of her boyfriend, but then she stopped responding to social media. When W Magazine implied that Scott and Jenner weren’t talking during a photoshoot, Khloe Kardashian sprang to their defense. Scott and Jenner are very close, that’s undeniable.

This report is not easy to accept. It implies that Scott wasn’t a good father or good friend to Jenner before Astrowrold. Scott and Jenner are clearly close, but that doesn’t mean he ever cast his whole family aside in favor of his career. Jenner was at Astroworld. They were already doing magazine covers together. The family was fine.

Scott’s priorities have shifted, just not in the way HollywoodLife says they have. He’s partnering with the United States Conference of Mayors to make concerts saferMoving forward. You could cynically call this damage control, but at least he’s doing something that could help someone in the future.

Not super trustworthy

2017 Gossip CopHollywoodLife was the worst offenders, having busted 3136 stories. This doesn’t mean it hasn’t changed its ways, but it’s simply not as valid a source as other publications. It claimed that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were divorcing years before they actually divorced. 

It also completely blew a story about Khloe Kardashian’s baby name reveal, so it hasn’t historically had much insight into the Kardashian-Jenner clan. This story could be true because Scott and Jenner are very close.

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