Son of Tom Hanks Shares Past Addiction Struggles and Acting with Oscar-Famous Dad

July 25, 2018Jul 25, 2018

Chet Hanks said that growing up, he felt his family was normal, despite the knowledge that his father, and mother, were famous. He didn’t let that fame bother him.

“I knew they were famous,” Chet said, adding that he felt “we were a normal family. But no one really treated me normally.”

“Nobody cared less about my family’s fame than me,” he continued. “Everybody else would form perceptions about me based on it, but it didn’t influence my perception of myself at all, which led to some awkwardness.”

Still, as Chet grew older, he began to experiment with some dangerous drugs, which led to an addiction. It wasn’t until he was 24, when he had his daughter, that he turned his life around.

“It was just the birth of my daughter and finding out I was going to be a father,” he told Fox News, which made him “grow up really fast.”

The 27-year-old started a new music project, FTRZ, with bandmate Drew Arthur, with whom he shares a bond centered on music and sobriety. They have a new album set to release in August entitled “The Ocean Park,” which reflects their life journeys through addiction, recovery and sobriety.

“‘Models’, is about the journey through our past substance abuse that led us to be better people we are today,” Chet said. “How the wrong path can lead you to the right path if you make a change.”

Chet is also starring alongside his father, Tom, in an upcoming movie set on a WWII Navy destroyer. Chet said the experience of alongside his dad for the first time was “unexpected how much fun it was.”

“It was a really great experience working alongside my dad for the first time,” he shared. “I didn’t know what it was going to be like, and it turned out to be really fun and enjoyable.”

As for his father’s advice, it came down to the nitty-gritty: “He tells me to know my lines and show up on time.”

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