Son of Legendary Singer Found Dead

August 15, 2017Aug 15, 2017

According to TMZ, the son of the legendary singer, Natalie Cole, was found dead on Monday night. Robert Yancy’s body was discovered by a friend who checked on him.

Yancy is the grandson of Nat King Cole. He was only 39 years old at the time of his passing.

Some believe his death may be linked to an inherited heart problem. Early signs point to his cause of death as being a heart attack.

“Family members tell us ... authorities contacted them at 2:30 AM Tuesday and said Robert died of a heart attack. Law enforcement tells us, pending an autopsy, they have listed it as death from natural causes, but that can change once the autopsy and toxicology tests are completed,” according to reports.

Yancy’s father also died of a heart attack at age 34. Yancy was carrying on the tradition and also working in the music industry.

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