Son of Famous Actor Charged with Attempted Murder

June 11, 2018Jun 11, 2018

Farrah Fawcett, a popular actor, just got some sad news. His son faces charges including attempted murder from a series of unprovoked attacks on randomly chosen men, according to Fox News.

Redmond O'Neal was 33 years old and an only child. He is also the son of actor Ryan O'Neal. According to reports, Redmond is accused of robbing a 7-eleven store in Southern Carolina on top of his other charges. For the past month, he has been behind bars and awaiting further court action. 

The arrest came on May 8, 2018. He was actually arrested on suspicion of using a knife while robbing the store, according to USA Today

One of the five victims was found in a pool of blood with stab wounds, according to Fox News. There were wounds on the victim's upper body as well. A second man as discovered seriously injured. The alleged crimes happened in Venice and Palms neighborhoods of Los Angeles. 

CNN reports that all of the incidents appeared to be random. It appears, based on what authorities know, that it all began with an argument between unknown persons and then quickly escalated into violence. The motives — why the men were arguing with each other — remains unknown. Reports claim that all people involved were similar in appearance to Redmond — being white, with red hair and distinct tattoos. 

It is unclear exactly what happened, although according to sources Redmond attacked a number of people who "made eye contact with him." He stabbed one man and then, later that night, stabbed another man numerous times in a nearby but different area. 

Redmond is also the son of Farrah Fawcett, the famous American actress, model, and artist. Fawcett has been nominated four times for the Emmy Award and six times for the Golden Globe Award. 

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