Woman's Son Dies In Tragic Car Wreck, Days Later She Hears His Heart Beating Again

June 20, 2017Jun 20, 2017

Giving the gift of life is one of the most bittersweet things that can ever happen to us. Especially when that gift is only made possible by the loss of a son.

 For Anna Lewis, she knows exactly how it feels. Anna had lost her son Greg in a tragic car accident. When she was asked what she wanted to do with his organs, she knew that donation was the option Greg would have wanted.

“When I was asked, my first reaction was no. I just felt weird about it. Then I immediately thought I can’t let my son just be dead. I couldn’t live with that. I knew Greg had a big, beautiful heart and I wanted to see it live on,” she said in an interview with TODAY.

Anna kept in touch with the man who had received her son’s heart. Amazingly, his name was also Greg. 

He had been suffering from a heart condition that left his old heart performing at only 25% of a normal heart. He was in desperate need of a life-saving transportation or he would die.

When Greg got the call that a heart was available for him, he was both excited and sad at the same time. He knew that for him to live, someone had to have died.

“It was heart wrenching, heartbreaking and exciting,” Greg’s wife said. “We knew when my husband went on the transplant list that someone would have to give their life for him to live. It was bittersweet.”

Things worked out amazingly and Greg and his new heart are doing great. When he organized a meeting with Anna, she used a stethoscope to once again hear the heartbeat of her son.

It was one of the most touching moments anyone had ever witnessed! Watch the video below to see it for yourself!