Something Even More DISTURBING You May Have Not Noticed In Video Of Photographer Getting Attacked

September 22, 2016Sep 22, 2016

As the protests in Charlotte, North Carolina last night quickly dissolved into a full-fledge riot, it was obvious that the message of the participants had quickly changed from "social justice over racial police brutality" to "let's break things, attack the police, and beat up people of different skin colors."

Video went viral of a photographer who was nearly dragged into a street fire by protesters. In the video, it's difficult to see what exactly is happening to the injured photographer because police officers in the foreground are blocking the camera, but what you can see happening the moment he comes into view makes the brutal incident even more disturbing.

Watch closely, starting at 15 seconds into the video. The moment the police officer blocking the camera moves, a TV reporter in a blue dress can be seen trying to pick him up by herself — possibly trying to drag him away from the fire and his attackers. A split second later, though, a young black man can be clearly seen shoving her violently to the ground, forcing her head into the pavement.

Where is the humanity in these protesters? Is there not one ounce of civility left in the young man who would attack a random woman who was simply trying to save the life of her colleague? How could the message he is trying to send while protesting possibly matter a hill of beans when he decides to express it by beating up an innocent woman? The same can be said for the attackers who tried to set the photographer on fire, but when a woman is attacked by a man, the viciousness of these incredibly racist rioters is even starker.

If you watch the TV reporter for a few more seconds, you can see this brave woman pick herself up and immediately return to assisting her coworker as police officers arrive to help her. She continues to stay by his side until he is carried away.

CW affiliate WCCB confirmed that the people attacked were the TV crew for local NBC affiliate WCNC and were taken to the hospital. We have not seen an update on their conditions.