Something Crazy Is Happening To Gun Sales Since Trump Took Office

March 14, 2017Mar 14, 2017

Something crazy is happening to firearms sales since President Trump took office: They’re plummeting.

According to the New York Times, seasonally adjusted gun sales in America spiked the month Obama first got elected, from below 800,000 sales in October to 1.1 million in November.

But that increase was nothing compared to what happened when Obama got re-elected, with sales spiking from under 1.2 million to over 2 million.

While the severe spikes did not last long, the overall trend of gun sales was still on the rise while Obama was in office.

According to Zero Hedge, though, now that Trump is president, gun manufacturers are laying off workers. Closing some plants is not out of the question either.

With the threat of increased firearms regulations gone for the next four to eight years, U.S. manufacturers like Remington and Smith & Wesson have seen a sharp dip in sales.

Wedbush Securities equity analyst James Hardiman acknowledged, “We do believe that having a Republican in the White House…negatively impacts gun sales in that it effectively eliminates any threat of new gun regulation for the foreseeable future.”

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