Some Reports Claim Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle Having Been Feuding Over Everything From Baby Names To Stealing Each Other’s Spotlight

There are always rumors about. Kate MiddletonAnd Meghan MarkleAlthough they have had a long-standing feud, most recent reports claim that the two are now in greater tension. These claims, ranging from stealing baby names to stealing the spotlight, are true or sensationalized. We take a look to see.

Meghan Markle Outshone By Kate Middleton’s Look?

Meghan Markle was in an alleged “jealous rage” according to a report from Women’s Day. Kate Middleton stole the spotlight at the premiere of the newest film James BondLondon. Middleton caught everyone’s attention, even Daniel Craig’s, in a “glittering $5,240 Jenny Packham gown.”

According to the tabloid, the look was one Markle “would not in her wildest dreams have thought up,” an insider claimed. Markle often “tries high fashion with mixed results,” the royal source adds, which is why when Middleton received nothing but praise for her classy look, she was furious. You can read more about Markle’s fury at Middleton here.

The Two Fighting Over Baby Names

According to some reports, the rumors surrounding them are even more intense. In Touch Both are expecting and are competing with each other during their pregnancies! They were able to come to an agreement when they discovered they were both pregnant, which allowed them to be a good team with their families.

One source claimed Markle “got so emotional when she heard Kate was also having a girl that she called to congratulate her and broke down in tears.” But, that truce went out the window when the two started arguing over who would get to name their little girl Diana. According to the outlet, Markle and Middleton argued over which nursery theme was best. Are the two alleged expectant mother feuding? Click here to find the answer.

Meghan Markle Banned From Prince Phillip’s Funeral?

According to Innovative Idea Queen Elizabeth is also involved with the drama between Middleton, Markle. The queen begged Kate Middleton to fly from England to confront Markle and Prince Harry. According to the report, the royal family was scared of what would be revealed in Markle’s tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey.

In Touch also reported that Middleton banned Markle from Prince Phillip’s funeral and that it was “the perfect revenge for Kate.” The tabloid insisted that Markle’s presence “would have made it awful” and the royals thought it better to make sure she wasn’t welcome. Click here to see if the entire royal family is against Markle.